About Angus Skene, Architect

With over two hundred completed residential projects in the Toronto area Architect Angus Skene is an experienced and proven professional.

He is a confident and easy-going guy who combines superior creative and technical ability with excellent time management skills and a friendly focus on top-notch customer service. He has no agenda and nothing to prove: He is simply dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for every project he does - no matter how large or small that project might be. A quick look at his references from past Clients will tell you that time and again he has proved all of this for a great number of people across the City.

Don't be shy in contacting Angus. In general a free initial Site Visit will garner you a lot of helpful advice and whether you hire him or not you will more than likely be happy to have spoken with him. 

In particular Angus can help you with:

- The design of your home - the layout and flow, the appearance and style

- The obtaining of Permits - the process, costs and timing.

- Advocating for you at Committee of Adjustment Hearings

- Helping you find a builder

- Assisting you in seeing the opportunities and liabilities of your project

-Advising you on what to expect during construction

In addition to his architectural practice Angus has an ongoing career in the media producing newspaper articles for the Toronto Star as well as having hosted television programs for the History Chanel, OMNI One and Rogers Community Television.

He lives in Toronto's west end and is the father of two wonderful boys.